ISO Wife

ISO Wife 

Must adore toddlers and teenagers. 👶 👧

Must be an excellent cook. 🍲

Must love to clean toilets, wash laundry, clean dishes and all household duties. 👗 👖  🍽 🚽

Must have matchless driving and taxi skills 🚕. Will be required to drive children to various sports and activities. 

Must have vast experience in refereeing and negotiating skills in dealing with toddler and teen siblings.  

Must have a great sense of humor and be able to make me laugh. Experience in comedy is preferred. 😂

Must be willing to tell me how amazing and beautiful I am DAILY! 

Foot and back rubs every night are a requirement, LMT preferred. 

Must be proficient in writing and be able to write an inspiring and unforgettable entry on my blog weekly. ✏

Must love chick flicks and will be in charge of popping the popcorn. 

Must except payment in the form of compliments. 

Serious inquiries only please. 😜


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